Web Design


Tablet based EHR solution for Doctors

Mobihealth is like my own grown child. I did everything for this to grow as super shiny EHR solution best fit for doctors with zero typing effort. I have spent long hours sitting in hospitals, clinics and interviewing doctors to listen their problems and finding opportunity.


SMMS: Mobile Services Management tool

SMMS is web based Mobile Service Management tool for July Systems Clients to create & manage Mobile media services efficiently. Main modules of SMMS are Mobile site Management, SMS Alerts & campaign management, Active User management, Report & Analytics, CRM, Ad management, Content Management and more.

financial post

Mobile Services

Worked with July’s Marketing team to understand July’s Client (MTV, VH1, NDTV, N18, Universal Studio etc) requirement & end user needs. Created Design proposals and finally get them executed with development team.


System Design Project: Swing

As a part of System Design exercise I tried to explore how Mobile System could be integrated with various mobile needs and services around the user.