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Video for Meego Team Event- Nokia N9 Launching

Just for fun .. Meego Design Team Created a video in Meego Team event party at the launch of Nokia N9.


Essentials for Nokia N9

Essential consists of a bunch of applications to be used in daily life, like Calculator, Currency Converter, Unit Converter, Handwriting Calculator and Discount Calculator.

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Notes for Nokia N9 (Meego)

A replacement of stickies is hard to find when you are on desk, but Smart phones does it smartly with a power of Mobility and simplicity is the beauty of Notes application in Nokia N9, which comes after numerous design Iterations and user study.


Call Notes – Patented

Call Notes was developed and demoed it in innovation workshop called “Inventing the future” and It was second most voted application in the event. This is also patented as an individual patent on my name.


Social Camera

Project: Physical space and interaction plays an important role in Social Networking of every individual. Social Camera concept revolves around the creation of ad-hoc network between the members during a gathering or group formation and allow them to share content within the group. Later group members could be updated with relevant activities as per the privacy settings.


Personal Content Organiser

Huge amount of content, specially media content generated by Smart phone users are creating a new opportunity to represent it in a more meaningful and accessible way. Personal Content Companion is cloud computing based advanced technique to store content, process it with intelligent algorithms and then present it to user in more interesting and usable way.



Me Card is conceptualized and designed for Nokia N9: Where user should be able to track his all activities in various social networks and should be able to view, edit and manage his profile information.


Car Pool with Social Network

Carpool with social networking integration conceptualized around to promote car people with easiest, reliable and cost effective way of carpooling. We built a working prototype of this service within Nokia.


Acheivement Award in Nokia

Achievement Award in Nokia for creating, developing and demoing innovative Concepts & Ideas. Sponsored trip from Nokia to attend Mobile HCI conference 2010 in Lisbon as an appriciation.