System Design Project: Swing

As a part of System Design exercise I tried to explore how Mobile System could be integrated with various mobile needs and services around the user.


Cross Cultural study

Hofstede five dimensions are good enough to start with evaluate of a culture through website. Picked four countries and found one financial and one govt. website to analyse how these parameters are helpful in finding out the truth about the culture hidden fact.


City Info project @ NID

My first project with for on Mobile phone as an Design Excercise. I concentrated on the lower segment of Mobile phones with small screen size and almost few colors on it.

Watch in trans 3

Taiwan International Design Competition 2005

I received Award of Excellence for beating more than 20000 entries worldwide “Watch in Trans” for creating Time Experience in Taiwan international Experience Design Competition 2005.


Package Design Competition

Second Prize winner in Transcend: Health Drink Package Design for the for children of age group of 8-15 yrs. Competition was organized by GlaxoSmithKline.