Tablet based EHR solution for Doctors

Mobihealth is like my own grown child. I did everything for this to grow as super shiny EHR solution best fit for doctors with zero typing effort. I have spent long hours sitting in hospitals, clinics and interviewing doctors to listen their problems and finding opportunity.

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Notes for Nokia N9 (Meego)

A replacement of stickies is hard to find when you are on desk, but Smart phones does it smartly with a power of Mobility and simplicity is the beauty of Notes application in Nokia N9, which comes after numerous design Iterations and user study.


Call Notes – Patented

Call Notes was developed and demoed it in innovation workshop called “Inventing the future” and It was second most voted application in the event. This is also patented as an individual patent on my name.

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Nokia N9 apps for Meego store

Designed apps for Nokia N9 (Meego) to avail it on Nokia Ovi store as a third party application. I did interaction and visual designing for the following applications.


MMS UI Design for Nokia N9

MMS is not a latest way to share media content between the peers. In Nokia N9, MMS is seamlessly integrated with messaging experience, as a result its is only content and contact details which figures out the channel of communication.


Facebook App for Nokia N9

Designed Facebook Nokia flagship mobile phone Nokia N9. Apart from Design I was responsible for creating Guidelines for different stakeholders and third party app developers located worldwide.



Mish-Mash brakes the linear approach of using application and relevant content, Actually in Mish-Mash any content can be associated with any application or other content and UI and interaction facilitate is easily, quickly and intuitively.


Media World

An Engaging and sticky Mobile application for smart phones to get updated with most of their favorite Media Channel. This was a delightful mobile experience with auto-play feature for Rich media contents like video, audio, flipbook image gallery and advertisements.


Nudge: Compelling Social App

Nudge is a Mobile Phone Application for common mobile users to share their emotions, feelings and Moods with better Pictorial Experience than a Text SMS, at the same cost, and same channel.